You’re home, safe in your warm, snug bed. But your slumber is plagued by strange nightmares. Slick with sweat, you’re whimpering like a frightened puppy.

You dream of two wolves running pell-mell through a dark, dense forest, by light of a silver full moon. A powerfully muscled male has a scarred muzzle and lots of grey in his thick coat. The female is much smaller, her beautiful fur winter white. Attached to her right ear: a hard, yellow plastic tag.

The animals are lathered up from sprinting too far for too long, their ears laid back in fear. Other than the sound of the wolves’ labored breathing, the forest is eerily still.

A gunshot blast shatters the silence. The male drops to the frozen ground with a soft thud, a rivulet of crimson seeping from his side.

The female slides to a halt, then frantically backtracks to her fallen companion. She hunkers down and nudges his motionless form – gently at first, then harder. His emerald eyes are still open, but his heartbeat is erratic and fading fast. She whines once, very low, and licks her mate’s face as his life bleeds out onto the snow.

A branch snaps nearby. The female whips around, her sharp teeth bared in a snarl. She readies herself to defend her mate as a whooshing noise cuts through the air. She jerks to the side a split-second too late. A red dart buries itself into flank, her vision blurring into darkness as she falls.

And then you wake.

Welcome to the Masquerage.

This campaign is a Werewolf: The Apocalypse/Vampire: The Masquerade crossover with elements of other Classic World of Darkness games (such as Mage, Wraith, Kindred of the East, and Changeling). Primarily set in Utah during the month of October 2010, the story spans a multitude of cities and time periods.

The two main storylines, intertwined: a pack of shape-shifting college students and their allies search for a deranged supernatural serial killer who steals the hearts of his Kinfolk victims; and a group of Camarilla courtiers struggle to save their child-like Prince, their Domain and themselves from a multitude of sinister forces.

Themes explored are horror, love, loss, sacrifice and redemption.

We mainly use the 20th Anniversary Edition books; along with the Revised Guides to the Camarilla and Sabbat; and the Clan, Tribe, and Breed books.

If this story was a movie, it would be rated a solid R for sex, violence, and disturbing subject matter. It’s not for the faint of heart, so you’ve been warned.


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