Greenglen Abandoned
Werewolf session


The Pioneer University Pack gathered in the foyer of Greenglen Mansion. John, Charles, Eddie, Justin, Rikki, and Silvara took a moment to catch their breath and plan their next move. Along with them also gathered Vito and Violetta Delgatti, Granny Glasswalker, Dougal McKenzie, and Jasper Vaughn. Alyssa joined the group, wrapped in a bloody bed sheet, soon followed by her husband Bron.

During the earlier battle, Justin had received an urgent text message from Anastasia Morgan, who owned an occult book store and had provided the PUPs with obscure information in the past. Apparently, she claimed to know the purpose behind the bloody murders which the pack was investigating. Justin took a moment to call her back and ask what information she had, unfortunately Anastasia told him that she needed to introduce him to someone else, who in turn would only provide this information in person. Justin explained the PUPs were in the middle of a battle but agreed to stop by when the immediate danger passed.

Outside, a car pulled up the drive and came to a stop in front of the mansion. Norton, new to town, looked around at his surroundings. Bodies lay sprawled across the front lawn and several strange looking people wandered around the house in a jerky mechanical fashion; no one came forward to greet the visitor. At the front door, Vinnie the Shadowwalker and Raven the Bastet were banging and shouting desperately to be let in as they were being surrounded by several other lurching figures.

Inside, the PUPs concluded the mansion interior had been cleared of invaders, however the outlying grounds were overrun and the pack could hear what sounded like Scrags and other things banging on the doors, trying to get inside. John ordered the pack to get the kinfolk out the back door and activate a moonbridge to another caern. Before anyone could react, however, Rikki broke under the strain of losing his infant daughter and flew into one of his berserk rages. Leaping across the room in his Crinos form, he broke through the front door and accidentally pinned Vinnie beneath his weight.

Right about that time another car pulled up the drive. Laura stepped out and, surveying the impromptu battlefield, she drew forth a wooden three-section staff and began twirling it in a defensive posture. A scrag approached her, and she quickly launched a series of blows with her weapon, blasting the formori with chi energy. The creature immediately fell to the ground, and reverted to a more natural, albeit gravely injured, human form. Calling upon her innate ability to see into the spirit world, she confirmed the woman was no longer possessed as a Scrag, and used some of her chi charged blood to heal the mortal’s broken body.

Norton rushed forward to assist Raven, who was fending off three of the Scrags. Leaping between the apparently defenseless young woman, he used his own body as a shield to keep the formori off her while she tried to pull Vinnie out from under the door.

Inside, most of the PUPs quickly filed out the back door, while Charles used a gift to calm Rikki before he could do any more damage to the mansion (or to the plan). Bron approached his wife Alyssa, who backed away in fear and protest. Eddie stepped forward and scooped her up in his arms, then proceeded to carry her towards the back of the mansion where the others were heading. Rikki burst into helpless giggles as he realized what he’s done (this is the second time he broke down the Delgatti’s front door), but had the presence of mind to step off the now unconscious Vinnie.

Charles bounded upstairs to retrieve the body of his slain sister, Sierra. Jasper carried his sister Julie’s body, yet another victim of the Deerstalker, while the rest of the Glasswalkers and their kinfolk were wounded but still able to walk.

Towards the back of the mansion, John and Bron stood rearguard while the kinfolk filed past. Taking a quick head count, John sighed in resignation and went back to the foyer to see what was taking Charles and Rikki.

Meanwhile, Norton fought off the Scrags as Raven finally got Vinnie free of the wreckage. Laura scanned the spirit world outside and found the area was overrun with hundreds of malicious spirits. She gently carried the woman she saved/injured inside the mansion and laid her down on the floor, where John used a gift from Bear and healed the woman’s injuries enough so that she regained her senses and was able to stumble her way out the back door with the rest of the kinfolk.

Out back, Justin assisted Granny Glasswalker in setting up the projector that she often used to open a moonbridge. The other Glasswalkers gathered around, carrying the dead and assisting the wounded, as they waited for the ritual to be completed. Horrorstruck, Octavia Delgatti wandered around the back lawn and calling out the names of missing children.

Rikki joined the group and, realizing that Mrs. Delgatti’s shouting could draw more Scrags to their location, he gruffly told her to shut up as he watched the perimeter. Worried that the kinfolk may be attacked at any moment, he used a gift from Bobcat and sharpened his claws. Just then, a rustling sound came from the underbrush, and the spirit of Bobcat padded out onto the lawn. Meowing in a cavalier tone, she apparently scolded Rikki and showed him how to sharpen his claws properly.

One by one, the rest of the PUPs and their new guests made their way out back. Justin placed a phone call to his mentor, John Red Elk, to request the nearby Uktena caern of Skull Valley to open a moonbridge on their side. The Uktena readily consented to accept the Glasswalker refugees whom Justin agreed to accompany.

Norton introduced himself and asked plainly which one of them was Jasper. Mr. Vaugn, carrying the body of his apparently deceased sister, explained that he was taking a personal day and advised the newcomer he could direct his questions to Dougal McKenzie or the PUPs.

John Martin and the remaining PUPs stood guard as the moonbridge opened and the kinfolk began their journey through the spirit world to the promised safety of Skull Valley. Eddie carried Alyssa through the portal, along with the Delgattis, Vinnie, Raven, and Silvara. Charles entrusted Justin with the body of his little sister, Sierra, and told him to keep her safe. Jasper, agonized about his own sister’s death, wanted to accompany the PUPs and go after the Deerstalker, but John Martin talked him out of it and suggested he accompany his remaining family and watch over them.

John, Bron, Charles, Norton, and Laura traveled to Anastasia’s Attic, an occult bookstore in Salt Lake City. Save for a single lit window on the third story, all the lights were off and the store was closed. John knocked on the door. No answer. John tested the doorknob. Unlocked. John opened the door and the party filed into the darkened store. Then, the door slammed shut, seemingly of its own accord until the party noticed the taut strands of spider silk between the door knob and the second story banister. A menacing female voice filtered down from the staircase: “Welcome to my parlor.”

The Rose Garden
Igor faces the consequences of his candor


October 24/25, 2010

On route to the airport, Karl uses Obtenebration to evade a Sabbat ambush. Emily takes some anti-anxiety medication, an experimental drug called Davidall. Karl realizes that the pills are made from Dr. Shepherd’s viate, which is probably why Emily appears to be years younger than she really is. He cautions her to stop taking it. Emily is shaken. She confides that she’s been texting Dr. Shepherd and shows Karl the text history. Karl calmly asks her to block Dr. Shepherd cell number. They make it safely to the airport. Emily mentions that she’s never been on a plane before. He gets her on the plane and they take off.

October 25/26, 2010

The next evening, at Goldenrose, Aurora learns that the caravan escorting Prince Daniel’s women has gone missing on route to Salt Lake City. Amelia and Thomas arrive to unward the stable. When Bobby, Thomas, and Cameron check on the Prince’s guest, they discover that Igor has two hearts. Amelia confronts Aurora about the growing Sabbat threat.

Bobby informs the Prince that Igor is a naive Sabbat sightseer on his way home to the Sabbat stronghold of Montreal. Igor pleads the Prince for his unlife. Aurora walks the halls of Igor’s memory and learns that he is innocent of any ill intent. Aurora asks the Primogen Council to vote on Igor’s fate and David breaks another tie in favor of Final Death. To protect the domain’s security, Aurora reluctantly upholds the Primogen Council’s decision and orders Igor’s execution in the rose garden. She has a last minute change of heart and cries “Wait!”, but it’s a split second too late: Bobby decapitates Igor. Igor’s head rolls towards the Prince with his heart in his mouth. Thomas lights Igor’s bubbling remains aflame with his mind. As she leaves the garden in disgust, Aurora tells Amelia “I hope you’re happy now” and has a tense telepathic exchange with Cock Robin. She turns her back on him, saying out loud, “I never wanted it.”

Upon his Final Death, Igor leaves the ruin of his body behind and walks into a hedge maze. To his right is a path with a warm golden glow and faint music. To his left, the path is bathed in silver moonlight and scented with the fragrance of roses. He chooses the path on the left.

Bobby visits The Snake Pit, a rowdy biker bar in West Valley City, to line up some new recruits.

Thomas and Amelia discuss the historic mansion they’ve chosen for the new Chantry. Thomas visits the mansion’s elderly owners to make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Violet seeks out Samuel and asks if it would be appropriate to light a candle in the rose garden for Igor. Samuel tells her that he thinks it would be alright.

Trip to New Orleans: Part One
Vampire session (by Amy)

Best Friends FOREVER…like really FOREVER. :)


Our small side group of adventurers takes off to New Orleans on a private jet thanks to our sweet Prince Aurora. Once in the Big Easy, Nadya, Natalie, Nicholas, and Maddie take a haunted ghost tour via a super creepy and stylish hearse and get the gimmicky t-shirts at the end of the ride. Of course this means one thing to the girls… SELFIE!


The group walks over to the tattoo parlor and the can see through the glass store front that a party is underway. Twenty somethings are milling around with beers in hand and there are balloons and a big banner reading “Bon Voyage!”


The crowd parts and Nadya sees her sire, Remy LeBeau. She begins to melt down and unconsciously is digging her nails into Natalie’s arm. Realizing that her hair is all frazzled due to the humidity, Nadya tries a few unsuccessful attempts to straighten herself out and then remembers her chimersty. With a snap of her fingers, she is all dolled up and in the zone. The group enters the tattoo parlor and joins the party. Remy is surrounded by adoring girls, but once his eyes lock with Nadya, the girls are nudged aside as he draws her into his embrace.

Remy and Nadya retire to a private room in the back of the salon to spend some quality time together catching up, this takes about an hour and a half. Bow chika bow wow.

Meanwhile… back in the main room of the tattoo salon, Natalie is surrounded by a few attentive guys and Nicholas attempts to have Maddie get a tattoo. When she is not cooperative, he attempts to persuade her using his newly acquired chimersty talent. He made it appear that her lunch box has a tattoo of Jem that winks. Maddie was not amused and focused her attention on a frat boy and they are making their way to a closet. The boy must have thought it would be a make out session, but Nicholas knew better and intervened. This sent Maddie over the edge. She began to yell “You’re not my father!” and ran out into the night heading left.


Nicholas tore after her. Just as he glimpsed her standing under a street sign “Madison Street: she took a selfie with the sign and then ran to St. Louis Cathedral. Upon entering the church, Nicholas sees Maddie exiting a confessional booth and her shirt front is dripping with blood. As he runs to her, the people inside the church turn and see a young girl struggling with an older man. Nicholas is trying to place his coat around her to cover the blood and whispering to her that the humans cannot be allowed to see. She is yelling once again and throwing a fit.


Nicholas uses Levinbolt to shock her a couple times and drags her into the ladies room in a dazed state. A couple of women are in there and scream and run out the bathroom. Now Nicholas uses chimersty to change both his and Maddie’s appearance to look like African American women. He then takes Maddie back out with him and starts carrying on “ O lawd, those crazy white people!” when Maddie starts coming to her senses, Nicholas gives her a couple more shocks until she passes out.

With Maddie in his arms, Nicholas is making his way back to the tattoo parlor. On the way, he changes his appearance to a young Puerto Rican boy “Rico” and Maddie back to herself with the exception of the blood running down her shirt. This he makes appear as vomit. To passersby he says in a squeaky voice “Oh man, she can’t hold her liquor man! Wow man, like where’s my beer?”

Nicholas enters the tattoo parlor and lays Maddie down on a couch near the door. He realizes that the church has a security camera that would have footage of Maddie and himself entering the church that could be linked to whatever carnage Maddie did there. He jogs back to the church as “Rico” and around the side of the building he finds the fuse box. He uses Levin bolt to fry the fuse box and successfully melts all the computers and security footage. Then he runs back to the street “O man- the church was all freaky and what happened to the lights man? O wow – I must have dropped my beer man. Better go get another!” and quickly makes his way back to the parlor and “passes out” on top of Maddie.

In the back of the tattoo parlor, Remy gives Nadya a packet that contains a photo copy of a driver license and a tattoo agreement form completed by the individual that had the hunter symbol tattoo done. He tells her that he staked out the residence for awhile but that it was sold a year ago and that this individual is gone.


Looking over the driver license, Nadya gets a little choked up. This is who she has been searching for all these years. Remy has plans to ship himself to California in the morning via a NightWing crate and asks Nadya to join him. She cannot do that and begs Remy to instead come to SLC with her. He is taken aback that she is working with a Prince and does not like the idea at all. [He warns Nadya that Prince Aurora is very powerful and dangerous, and that she’s responsible for the deaths of two other Princes.] Nadya asks to please go search the house that was previously occupied by the tattoo recipient. Remy agrees, and they move to the front of the tattoo parlor to get the rest of the group.

They stop at a local rack for a snack because Remy and Nicholas need to feed. There is a long line, but Nadya takes care of that. With a snap she changes her appearances to Gen of the Genitorturers, and upgrades the rest of the group’s clothing and hair to match what Gen entourage would wears. [Maddie looks like Harley Quinn!] They are immediately invites in and make their way to the back corners of the club.


Remy and Nadya share a young raver girl and Natalie keeps Maddie entertained by dancing with her. Nicholas still appears as “Rico” but is now wearing sexy gimp attire and this draws the attention of a little flamboyant clubber. Somehow he manages to get away from him and the group beings to exit the club. The door is blocked by a massive Vampire that starts to pick a fight with Nadya. Remy jumps in and lets the Local Vamp know that he is there on the New Orleans Prince’s invitation and to take it up with their sheriff. The vampire backs off and our group heads out. Remy and Nadya by motorcycle and the rest of the group via taxi…..

Mother's Love
Werewolf one-on-one

At Greenglen Mansion, late at night:

Granny Glasswalker led Riki Starwind to the nursery to see his newborn daughter, Autumn. He looked around the room, decorated in ivory, seafoam green, and buttercup yellow. The walls were adorned with a beautiful forest mural where woodland baby animals played peacefully amid trees and wildflowers. The nursery was crammed full of classic toys, books, and games. Two ivory cribs stood side by side. Riki realized that this nursery must have belonged to Jasper and Julie.


On the changing table was a clipboard. Riki glanced down at a page of meticulous notes regarding feedings and changing. Riki was touched. It was very obvious that this Glass Walker family was taking very good care of his baby. Hell, they were apparently taking shifts, even Jasper and Vito. Granny picked up a strange black and chrome object, held it to her ear, and pointed to the clip board with a scribbling motion. Then she smiled and went away. Riki was totally baffled. He had no idea what the object was for. Measuring brain power, he supposed.

Riki tiptoed over to the cribs. The left crib was piled high with a ruffled quit, pillows, baby bumper, a stuffed bear, and a Raggedy Andy doll. The other crib was bare save for a pale yellow crib sheet and a sleeping infant. Her little body was warmly encased in a snuggly pink sleep sack. She had a shock of strawberry blonde hair.


Attached to the side of her crib were two white machines. One of the gadgets was a video baby monitor. Curious, Riki pressed a button on the other gizmo. It projected an animal light show onto the ceiling as soft music played. Riki smiled and shook his head. The Glass Walkers dearly loved their gadgets. Even their cubs.

Autumn stirred. She opened her big blue eyes and began fussing. Riki scooped her up, sat down in the oversized rocking chair, and rocked. Suddenly, the temperature in the room dropped. Autumn smiled, cooed, and fell back asleep. Then the cold was gone.

Riki was dumbfounded. But he was not afraid.

A yawning Julie Vaughn entered the room with a baby bottle. She paused when she saw Riki. “I’m sorry to interrupt,” she whispered. “I didn’t know you were in here.”

“Did you just feel that?” Rikki asked her.

“Feel what?”

“A cold chill.”

Julie ran a hand through her short blond bob. “It comes and goes in the night.”

“This room is always drafty?”

“Not, not all. Not until Autumn came. We’ve all felt it, though.”

“Have you seen anything?” The hope was evident in his cracked voice.

Julie shook her head apologetically. “No, nothing. Jasper and I even watched the digital footage together. I’m sorry.” She offered the bottle to Riki. “Would you like to feed her? We feed her every two hours. It’s donated breast milk, not formula. I’ve got two cousins with babies in town.”

“Yes,” he said, gratefully accepting the warm glass bottle. “And thank you. For everything.”

“Don’t even worry about it,” she said. “It’s nice having a baby in the house. My aunt and my grandma are in Seventh Heaven. They fight over who gets to bathe her and burp her.” She
paused for a moment. “We’ll take care of her for as long as you want, you know. This house is crammed with Garou and they’re all armed to the teeth. She’s completely safe here.”

None of us are safe, Gallain. Riki thought. You haven’t seen the things that I’ve seen. He wrapped his arms protectively around Elsa’s child. I’ll avenge your death, my love, and I’ll protect our daughter from harm. I promise you.

Night Court: Part Three
Vampire Session

David glanced over at Amelia, who smugly watched her dwarf childe pledge fealty to Prince Aurora. The Prince had been stonewalling Amelia’s ambitions in Utah for seventy-five years. So why would Aurora agree to a Tremere expansion in her own backyard now? This little power play must have cost Amelia dearly.

Aurora took a sip of blood from a wineglass. It was going to be a long night. "Robert. Angelique. Cameron. Thomas. I commend your alacrity to serve not only your Prince, but every Kindred who shelters in my domain. I welcome you to your respective posts and to my circle of advisors. May you live forever in the arms of the Camarilla.”

The crowd politely applauded the new appointments.

“My Prince, did I come late to the call?” Stefan asked in confusion. “I thought we had five appointments tonight, but I heard only four.”

“You heard everything, old friend,” the Prince said. “I am finished with appointments for the evening.”

Wolf looked like he just swallowed vinegar, but he wisely kept his mouth shut.

Night Court: Part Two
Vampire session

At the Royal Opera, Salt Lake City, Utah:


Prince Aurora arrived at the opera house with her entourage: Cock Robin, Vincent, Rebekah, Samuel, and Amber. David and Angelique greeted them on the grand staircase.

There’s no need to be concerned about the inquest, David, the Prince murmured to his mind as he bent over her hand. It’s just a formality.

It’s just Amelia being a megalomaniac, David thought. The Prince gave him a sharp look, but said nothing.

Wolf stepped forward to kiss the ring. “My Prince, we don’t have to worry about the media attention surrounding Dr. Shepherd’s indiscretion anymore. Nicholas and I have taken care of everything.”

The Prince blinked. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“We orchestrated a diversion in Wendover, Nevada," Cock Robin explained. “To divert the media from from our good doctors.”

Wolf tried not to look too pleased with himself. "The humans are already reporting that a seventeen year old boy shot his father, mother, and twelve year old sister before turning the gun on himself.”

Vincent grimaced in disgust.

“You murdered an entire family?” the Prince asked in disbelief. The other women looked horrified.

“I assure you, dear ladies, this family was not culled at random,” Wolf said. “They were painstakingly chosen due to their detrimental impact on both kindred affairs and mortal society. The father was a greedy, corrupt United States congressman. He was blocking environmental legislation you need passed, Prince, to honor your agreement with the lupines. The mother was an alcoholic adulteress and disease carrier. The son had a history of mental illness. In fact, an MRI scan indicated that he had low activity in his orbital cortex. That’s the part of the brain that regulates ethical behavior, moral decision-making, and impulse control.”

“A psychopath,” David mused.

Wolf nodded. “It would seem so. Lots of pets missing from their affluent neighborhood. Just think of all the harm he could have done to the mortal herd.”

“I suppose you’re about to tell me the twelve year old shot laser beams out of her eyes and breathed fire,” the Prince said coldly.

Wolf frowned at her tone. “The little girl suffered from cerebral palsy. She was bound to a wheelchair."

“She couldn’t walk,” Cock Robin said softly. “It was a mercy kill, Aurora.”

The Prince stared at them in silence. Everyone else stepped backwards.

“Prince, please,” said Wolf. “What could a crippled child possibly contribute to society?”

“Love,” Angelique interjected softly.

“Why didn’t you clear this scheme with me first, Wolf?” Aurora asked.

“You’ve been… preoccupied, my dear. I cleared it with Nicholas.”

The Prince spoke through gritted teeth. “Last I checked, I am Prince, not Nicholas. You would do well to remember that from now on.”

Wolf bowed low. “Clearly, I have displeased you. Forgive me, my Prince. I only meant to serve.”

“And you.” The Prince rounded on Cock Robin. “Have you lost your mind along with your humanity? I’ve explicitly forbidden the murder of children. It’s punishable by diablerie. You know that.”

“Forbidden in your domain, you mean,” said the Nosferatu. “These killings occurred outside your jurisdiction. It’s the Giovanni’s mess now.”

She blanched as if she’d been slapped. “Get away from me. I don’t want you anywhere near me.”

“Aurora, we must be reasonable. Think about the Masquerade-”

“Reasonable? REASONABLE? Prince Daniel is asking for reinforcements. We don’t have the resources to fight the Sabbat and the Necromancers at the same time. If this circus gets traced back to us, I’m holding the two of you responsible.”

Cock Robin caught her gaze in his. You think I enjoyed giving that order, sweet Childe? I did it to protect you. I’d kill a thousand mortal children to protect you.

Make no mistake, Nosferatu, Aurora sent, presence blazing, If you were anybody else, I would have you executed.

His eyes widened.

GET OUT OF MY SIGHT.” Everybody on the staircase cringed at the icy blast of her anger.

He bowed curtly and left.


At Oak Forest Estate, Salt Lake City, Utah:

Karl knocked on Emily’s door. Arabella slipped out.

“Is she ready to go? It’s growing late.”

Exasperated, Arabella took his arm. Come with me, she sent.

She pulled him down the hall. Emily is stronger today. The gray shroud around her aura is all but gone. I don’t want to get your hopes up, but I think she’s finally broken free of him. She must have a very strong will.

“What do you mean?” he mouthed silently.

Don’t you know? William’s been using blood magic to weaken her.

“I thought she was just healing from broken bones and blood loss.”

No. He’s still trying to break her. He’s invaded her mind with his voice for three nights.

“What has he been telling her?”

She looked at him pointedly. What do you think?

Goddamn him. “Does she know where he is?”

No, and you shouldn’t trouble her by asking questions. God knows, she’s in a pleasant mood for once. She patted his arm kindly. She’s excited to see you.

“Thank you.”

She nodded and swept down the hall in a whisper of champagne satin.

He opened the door.

Emily stood, unassisted. She was perfectly made up, her long brown hair half up and half down. She wore a long, sleeveless gown of flowing black silk overlaid with sheer black organza embroidered in silver roses. He realized belatedly that she had no jewelry save for the simple diamond earrings she always wore. A pair of black opera gloves and silver shoes completed the ensemble.

“You look amazing.”

She smiled playfully. “Stop. Stay there."

He obeyed.

“Put your hand out.” She lifted her own hand, coaxing forth a wisp of darkness in her palm. A shadow moth flew from her fingertips, fluttered across the room, and batted at his skin with its soft wings.

“I’m impressed.”

“I’ve been practicing in secret.”

“Obviously.” He twisted his entire shadow into a tree for the moth to land on. “I’m pleased, but you mustn’t demonstrate this power to anyone but me. It’s rare amongst the Camarilla and greatly feared.”

“Good,” she said, with ferocity. "I’m over being helpless.”

“Trust me, you’re far from helpless.” He cupped her face and kissed her deeply.

A vermilion sigil blazed upon the upper curve of her left breast. A star.

The heat crept up on him. For a few seconds, he mistook the warmth for desire. By the time he stepped backwards, it was too late. His blood was boiling.

At the Royal Opera, Salt Lake City, Utah:

Thomas and Blake arrived at the opera house. It didn’t compare to the grand palaces of Vienna, but Thomas couldn’t care less about the architecture.

Amelia sat alone in her private box, watching the opera with her back to him. He still recognized her. Her long hair (once auburn, now dyed a violent shade of crimson) was pulled up in a ponytail, revealing small ears and a spattering of freckles across the nape of her neck.


She turned around. They studied each other for a long moment.

Amelia extruded a confidence far beyond her apparent age of twenty two. Thomas was a little startled by the fitted black suit she wore; he just couldn’t get used to seeing pants on women. She’d replaced her little wire spectacles with designer plastic frames, but she wore the same golden amulet inscribed with runes around her throat.

“Welcome home.” She offered him her hand.

He bent over it.

“Did you have a pleasant journey?” she asked.

“Oh, the train from Portland was delightful. I would have vastly preferred a luxurious ocean voyage to a NightWing overnight crate for the first leg of my journey, but you said it was an urgent matter.”

“So it is. But for the record, I bought you a first class plane ticket and specifically told the reservationist to seat you next to a very pretty single woman.”

Thomas snorted. “You should have saved your money. You knew I’d choose safety over style.”

“I did, but I thought it was a nice gesture. Did you wrap up all your loose ends in Vienna?”

“As much as I could with one evening’s notice.”

“Are you unhappy that I’ve summoned you home?”

“On the contrary. I just wish you’d tell me why.”

She grinned. “I have a job offer for you.”

At Oak Forest Estate, Salt Lake City, Utah:

Karl went down on one knee, clutching his chest.

“What’s wrong?” Emily reached for him in alarm.

“Wait.” He put his hand out to stop her. Every vein and artery in his body burned with liquid fire. He closed his eyes in concentration, willing his cells to heal themselves.

She dropped to her knees next to him. Was he having a heart attack? He couldn’t be. His heart didn’t beat. All of her medical knowledge was useless. Then the truth dawned on her. “It’s me, isn’t it?” she whispered.

The red star over her heart began to fade.

Karl’s agony receded. His chest hurt like hell, but the pain was bearable. He was ravenously hungry. Almost of all of his vitae had been boiled away or consumed to absorb the damage. He needed to replenish it. Fast.

“I’m all right,” he said. “Let’s go.” He offered Emily his hand.

“Don’t touch me,” she cringed. “We can’t touch.”

“Yes, we can.” He clasped her bare upper arms. “See?” Fuck you, Holladay. You can’t have her.

“No! I’m cursed.” She tried to twist out of his his grasp, but he was stronger by far. "I don’t want to hurt you.”

“We can touch." She struggled harder. "Listen to me!” He captured her gaze. “It’s okay. We can touch. I held you in bed all day long.” He smiled bitterly and released her arms. “I just can’t touch you in ardor.”

She wiped angry pink tears away with the back of her black gloved hand. “Karl, you have to let me go. I don’t want you or anyone else harmed because of me.”

“No. That’s what he wants.” He took both her hands in his. “Don’t you see? He’s trying to drive a wedge between us. We can beat him, but we have to stay together.”

“He just tried to kill you, Karl. He won’t stop.”

“Let him try. I have a few talents of my own. Besides, he’ll have to find us first.”


The audience hall was almost bursting with Kindred. Angelique looked around, recognizing many Malkavian faces in the crowd. It was a good turn out. Lots of out-of-towners.

The Primogen filed in and took their seats on a raised dais at the end of the hall. As always, one Primogen was physically absent. The telecommuter was usually Amelia; she lived in Colorado and vastly preferred to attend court via Skype. Tonight, it was Stefan on speaker phone. (“Is this machine on? Are you sure? I can’t see anything.”)

Prince Aurora stepped into the hall with Vincent at her side. The din of voices faded to murmurs and the crowd parted like Red Sea to let her pass. Griffin held his hand out to her; she accepted it as she stepped up onto the raised platform. She gracefully took her seat in the middle of the dais, with two members of the Primogen Council on either side. Court was in session.

Without preamble, the Prince announced that the Gangrel Roman Montague, due to his three month absence, was hereby forfeit of his holdings and title of Sheriff. Griffin’s face was impassive. Aurora summoned Bobby to stand before her. He took off his cowboy hat and held it politely in his big hands.

“Robert Han of Clan Brujah, are you a true and faithful member of the Camarilla?”

“I am, my Prince.”

“Will you enforce the decrees of your Prince and protect the realm with your life’s blood?”

“I will, my Prince.”

“Then kneel, kiss my ring, and rise as Sheriff, old friend.”

Bobby kissed the ring and then flashed Violet a huge grin. She beamed.

“I need a new Keeper of Elysium,” Prince Aurora continued. Nobody dared ask what had become of the old Keeper after the Prince discovered the mutilated corpses of her great-nieces in her bed. “Angelique?”

Angelique rushed forward and dropped to her knees in deep a curtsy.

“Angelique of Clan Malkavian-”

“Toreador,” Angelique blurted, her eyes wide and earnest. Rebekah and Amber glared at her.

The Prince resisted the urge to roll her eyes. “Angelique, you’re not a Toreador.”

“I am. I am a Toreador.”

The Prince continued. “This position has many responsibilities. First and foremost, the keeper must keep the peace in Elysium. She must ensure that our customs are observed. The keeper is also the caretaker of the Opera House. Security is paramount. So the keeper must be observant, calm, rational, and level-headed at all times. Are you confident that you can do all these things without fail?”

“Yes, my Prince. I will do everything you ask and more.”

“Very well. I hereby appoint you the interim Keeper of Elysium. I’m confident that you’ll do a much better job than your predecessor and that we’ll be celebrating your promotion in a few months.

“Thank you.” Angelique blinked back tears of happiness and planted several dainty kisses on the Prince’s hand.

“Cameron Roth of Clan Nosferatu. Come forward.”

He approached the Prince boldly, arms crossed.

“I will be blunt. I am not fond of the position of scourge. I have seen far too many scourges lose themselves completely to the beast. However, I need someone to ensure that our city is not infiltrated by Sabbat and other dangerous entities. Your Primogen assures me that you’ll do what needs to be done, but that you will act with judiciousness and not brutality.”

Cameron cleared his throat. “Just so we don’t have any misunderstandings down the road… I have the authority to decide what needs to be done, right?”

Prince Aurora narrowed her eyes at him. The crowd went silent. One word from the Prince, and the housekeeper would be scrubbing his vitae off the audience hall floor come dawn.

“I give you the authority to exercise your own judgement on the streets, to be merciful or ruthless as the situation dictates. I expect that you’ll expel trespassers and rabble from the domain. If you find any caitiff or bastards born of rouge embraces, I want you to bring them to me so I can decide their fate. Notify the sheriff immediately should any lupines enter the city. But your most important duty is to execute any Sabbat or criminals. I’m sure you’ll have to make tough calls. The outcomes may not always be pretty. So long as you act wisely and in good faith, I’ll support you. If I find you derelict in your duties, I will replace you. There is no room for weakness or corruption or wanton cruelty. Sound fair?”

Cameron sized her up. “All right. Just wanted to make sure we’re on the same page.”

Amelia leaned over and whispered something to the Prince.

“So soon?” Aurora asked. Good God, Amelia. What did you do, pop him in a box and ship him overnight?

Amelia smirked. Something like that.

“Oh, very well. Thomas Stratton of Clan Tremere. Where are you?”

Thomas stepped forward, ignoring the tittering of the crowd. The Prince and the dwarf regarded each other intently, momentarily transported to a night decades ago filled with fire and smoke and screaming.

“The Prodigal Son returns,” she said. “Welcome.”

“Prince Aurora,” he said, “Your beauty outshines a thousand stars.” He meant it. When he’d met her in 1935, she had short bobbed hair and the flat-chested, straight-hipped figure of a boy. The height of fashion at the time, perhaps, but Thomas preferred women who actually looked like women. Her long waves and subtle curves were a vast improvement, although the poor child still didn’t look a day over fourteen.

“How was your stay in Vienna?”

“Enlightening, Prince, but I am thankful to be home.”

“Your sire speaks of you often. And I’ve heard the most extraordinary things from Prince Leopold. If we make you Regent of Salt Lake City, will you promise not to burn the chantry down?"

“That would be quite a feat, Prince, considering that Salt Lake City has no chantry.”

“It does now.”

David glanced over at Amelia, who was smugly watching her dwarf childe pledge his fealty to Prince Aurora. The Prince had stonewalled Amelia’s ambitions to expand Tremere influence in Utah for seventy-five years; so why agree to raise a wizard tower in her own backyard now? This little power play must have cost Amelia dearly. David wondered if her most dangerous rival amongst the Tremere was part of the bargain. How convenient for her. Typical megalomaniac behavior.

Aurora took a sip of blood from a wineglass. It was going to be a long night. "Robert. Angelique. Cameron. Thomas. I commended your alacrity to serve not only your Prince, but every Kindred who shelters in my domain. I welcome you to your respective posts and to my circle of advisors. May you live forever in the arms of the Camarilla.”

The crowd applauded the new appointments.

“My Prince, did I come late to the call?” Stefan asked in confusion. “I thought we had five appointments tonight, but I heard only four.”

“You heard everything, my friend,” the Prince said. “I am finished with appointments for the evening.”

Wolf looked like he just swallowed vinegar, but he wisely kept his mouth shut.

Night Court: Part One
Vampire session

October 1935

Dark’s Pandemonium Carnival, on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado:


Thomas Stratton, a carnival performer with dwarfism, rescued a young, unescorted patron from three assailants. After shooting one of the men in the head (the other two fled), he took the ice cold woman by the hand and sheltered her from a fierce storm in his caravan. His guest was soaking wet, her thin print dress badly torn, so he found a dry violet velvet dress for her. After several hours of conversation, his guest revealed her name (Amelia) and her vampiric nature. Conjuring a palm of rose madder flame, she offered to make Thomas immortal.

Awestruck, Thomas accepted without hesitation. After he woke from the Embrace, Amelia led him to the carnival spook house. There, she thoughtfully presented him with his first meal: the two other men who tried to attack her, gagged and trussed up like turkeys. Thomas and Amelia drained the humans dry.

October 2010

Somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona:


Doc Holladay had a very pleasant chat with Daniel Mayfair, Prince of the Burning Sands. Prince Daniel, visibly stressed, expressed doubt that his city could withstand another full blown Sabbat attack. A bargain was struck and arrangements were made. Then Holladay called Amelia, his primogen and Lord, to check in.

“You’ve been accused of breaking the Second Tradition in the most vulgar way imaginable,” she gravely informed him. “It is true?”

“It’s just a misunderstanding, my dear. Sophie Ann asked me for a favor. In my ardor, I may have gotten a little carried away.”

Admonishing Holladay for his recklessness, Amelia commanded his return to Prince Aurora’s domain for a formal inquest. He affably consented to extradition to Denver, Colorado via a chantry portal.

Cameron Roth’s office, in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah:


Cameron Roth, a Nosferatu private investigator, received a phone call from Cock Robin, his primogen. Cock Robin spoke at length of recent Sabbat insurgencies in neighboring domains and Prince Aurora’s need for a scourge. Cock Robin asked Cameron if he is interested in the position. Cameron surprised himself by saying yes without much thought. Cock Robin said that he would put Cameron’s name forward to the Prince. He also told Cameron about the three unknown vampires recently spotted at Angelique’s art gallery downtown. Cameron agreed to look into the matter.

“Site B”, somewhere in Salt Lake County, Utah:

[[File:508491 | class=media-item-align-center | Magna_-_Site_B__exterior___3_.jpg]]

Dr. David Shepherd successfully completed Experiment 665-B. A new consciousness has been born in the World of Darkness.

Goldenrose Estate, Holladay, Utah:


Upon retiring to their rooms for the night, Vincent Van Buren delighted the Prince Aurora by demonstrating a newly acquired discipline. He pounced playfully on her and they made love in the human way. Afterwards, Aurora withdrew to her study to prepare for court the next evening.

Vincent decided to catch up on his own work. Mixed in with business correspondence, he discovered a letter, handwritten in purple ink, addressed to Prince Aurora. After a furious internal struggle, he decided to read the intensely personal letter. Then he gave it to the Prince. Upon reading the letter, Aurora dismissed him and lapsed into silence for several hours. She just stared at the flames dancing in the fireplace.


Shortly before dawn, Samuel, gazing down from his perch on the rooftop, watched Aurora gracefully leap from her second story bedroom window, walk barefoot to her rose garden, and meld with the earth.

Goldenrose Estate, Holladay, Utah:

At dawn, a very muddy Prince Aurora rose from the garden with leaves and rose petals tangled in her beautiful long hair. She climbed up a trellis and silently entered her bedroom from the window that she left cracked open. Then she tip-toed past a sleeping Vincent into her study.


Down the hall, Rebekah Lockhart woke in her bedroom. She was hungry. She wandered down to the wine cellar to look for some blood. There was Cock Robin, engrossed with some maps and letters. He smiled and invited her to join him for an eye-opener. Then he proceeded to pump her for information. Did she have a pleasant flight from Denver? What did she and Lord Amelia talk about? Can Amelia be trusted? Has Prince Aurora confided anything about Roman? Rebekah politely resisted his not-so-subtle attempts at domination and told him nothing of value.

A creepy roach motel, off the highway somewhere north of Salt Lake City, Utah:

Clown_Motel.jpgSheriff Bobby Han and Erik woke from their uncomfortable repose in a grimy, mildew-spotted bathroom. They drug their still-sleeping companion, Jose Cortez to Erik’s car. Erik took off and Bobby followed on his custom chopper.


Goldenrose Estate, Holladay, Utah:

Rebekah went to the Prince’s quarters, knocked on the door, and entered to find Aurora sitting alone in a disheveled, emotionally numb state. Wordlessly, Aurora handed her a letter. Rebekah read the letter, committing it memory. She asked Aurora what she meant to do. Aurora simply said, “I don’t know yet.” Rebekah shook her head, carefully took Aurora by the arm, and led her into the marble bathroom to bathe her.

While Aurora soaked, Rebekah donned a sleek silver evening gown and pinned up her hair. As an afterthought, she dabbed on some rose perfume. Amelia would be at court tonight, after all.

“Site B”, somewhere in Salt Lake County, Utah:

Dr. Shepherd tapped into the “cobweb” and readied himself for court.

Oak Forest Estate, Capitol Hill, Salt Lake City, Utah:


Karl Strauss woke in his childe’s bed, his arms wrapped protectively around her motionless body. He gently touched her face. Her ivory skin was flawless. The dark shadows beneath her eyes had vanished and her cheeks were flushed like pink roses. He lifted her long dark brown hair to examine her throat. The vicious bite marks and purple bruises were finally gone.

She looked like a healthy, albeit pale, sleeping mortal.

His cell phone vibrated on the nightstand. Reluctantly, he left the room, nodded to Adalia (the Brujah bodyguard on loan from the Prince), and checked the phone in his office. Not one but two bitchy emails from his personal assistant, Lindsey. He called her back. Yes, he was perfectly aware that he’d spent $132.8 million dollars to acquire the mortgage to a horse ranch in the middle of nowhere − just call the loan. No, his credit card hasn’t been stolen; he authorized the $180,000 worth of women’s clothing. No, he wouldn’t tell her who the clothes were for. No, the person was not a gold digger or a corporate spy. And his personal business was private. Karl hung up and went downstairs.

Arabella (a lady’s maid, also on loan from the Prince) was getting ready to bring Emily’s breakfast up to her on a tray. Karl took it out of her hands. “Thank you, but I’ll take it up to her. I want to be the first person she sees when she wakes up.” Arabella raised her eyebrows at the younger Kindred, but she bit her tongue.

On the road, on route to Salt Lake City, Utah:

After stopping at a truck stop for a quick bite to eat, Bobby called Amber, the Prince’s secretary, on his cell phone machine. Bobby explained that Doc Holladay crossed the state border into Arizona last night, so his posse was heading south after him. Amber asked Bobby drop in on court tonight, since it was on his way.

Angelique’s Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah:


After trying on twenty different dresses for her big night at court, a euphoric Angelique settled on a cranberry silk ballgown with a billowing, ruched skirt bejeweled with diamonds. Her cell phone rung. Annoyed, she glanced at the caller ID: GOLDENROSE. She immediately answered it.

A young, shy female voice stammered, “Um, hi. Hello there. My name is Violet. Just Violet. I’m the Prince’s IT expert. She, uh, told me about your three uninvited guests last night. She said you have digital security footage. Can you please send it to me? If you have a computer handy, I can walk you through the process.”

Bemused, Angelique laughed and said, “Hi, Just Violet. I’m Just Angelique. I’ll upload the footage now. What is your email address? I’m assuming that you have face recognition software? How long will it take you to analyze the footage?”

Violet sighed with relief and the women enjoyed a nice long chat about the latest innovations in security technology.

At Goldenrose Estate, Holladay, Utah:


Vincent woke. He found Prince Aurora in her dressing room with Rebekah, who was curling Aurora’s golden brown hair. Aurora wore a lavender gown exquisitely beaded with amethysts and moonstones. The color of the dress accentuated the mauve circles under Aurora’s eyes.

Vincent crossed him arms. He had to talk some sense into her.

“Aurora, listen to me. The world isn’t all moonbeams and unicorns. It’s a dark, cruel and unforgiving place. It doesn’t matter how powerful you are. Despair will force you to your knees and overwhelm you if you let it. You, me, nobody can strike as hard as the world. But it isn’t about how hard you strike. It’s about how hard you can be struck and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. Because that’s how you win. I love you. I respect you. But you’ve got to get a grip. Unless you let go of the past and start believing in yourself, your domain will be ripped apart by chaos. You’re the Prince. You must go to court tonight and rule. And your rule must be absolute. For all our sakes.”

At Oak Forest Estate, Capitol Hill, Salt Lake City, Utah:

Emily Valentine opened her eyes. “Karl?”

“Good evening,” he said, kissing her forehead. He sat down beside her on the bed. “You look like you’re feeling better.”

“I am.” She smiled at him. It was her first smile since her attack. She looked heartbreakingly beautiful.

He took her hand and looked into her sapphire eyes. “I want to take you away from here. Tonight. After court.” He told her his plan. He didn’t need to tell her how he felt about her. She knew exactly how he felt about her.

Emily hesitated. She didn’t want to endanger or burden him. He assured her that he could protect them both; he had only shown her a fraction of his power because it was very frightening. By the way, he owned a billion dollar business; he could provide for her easily. She shook her head, explaining that she loved her work and didn’t want to be a kept woman. And she didn’t want her Mormon parents to think she was living in sin.

After a half hour of patient coaxing, Karl finally convinced her to leave the city for “a vacation.” Then he left her to Arabella’s ministrations while he made their travel arrangements.

At the Royal Opera, Salt Lake City, Utah:


Cameron slipped on his human face, arriving at the Royal Opera just as Goethe’s Faust was starting. He swept past the mortal herd and ascended the grand marble staircase to the private boxes reserved for Kindred.

Goethe_s_Faust.png After a few minutes, a shy voice asked, “May I join you, detective?” It was Violet. She was wearing a long-sleeved black lace dress and a gigantic black fascinator with a veil.

“Have a seat, doll,” he said. She scurried inside the curtained box. The two Nosferatu bent their heads together, swapping gossip like housewives before getting down to brass tacks: Roman had left Prince Aurora’s security in absolute shambles. Violet rattled off all the security upgrades she had installed in the Prince’s home and told Cameron about her plans for the opera house. Cameron asked her if she could access the security footage to the art gallery. Violet whipped out her iPhone and forwarded the file to him.

At the Union Train Station, Salt Lake City, Utah:


Thomas Stafford stepped off the train. A handsome Kindred with chocolate skin and amber eyes was waiting to greet him. They embraced.

“It’s good to see you, Uncle,” Thomas said.

Blake replied, “It’s been seventy-five years. To the night.”

A snowflake landed on Thomas’ nose. “She’s here, isn’t she?”

“Yes. She’s at the opera house. And she’s looking forward to seeing you.”

Jasper and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Werewolf session

In Queensport, MA, at Blackwood Farm, in the middle of the night:


John broke the bad news to the Blackwoods (he slapped Mr. Blackwood, told him to man up, and explained that their son was dead along with their daughter). They did not react well.

Mrs. Blackwood cursed a shame-faced Bronn for bringing death to her house.

Justin saw the ghost of a heartless, dead-eyed Valora Blackwood descend the staircase. He managed to control his panic.

Laura opened a dragon gate and the entire group (save Wally) safely returned to Utah.

Wally stayed behind with the Blackwoods to help heal their grief.

In Sugar Creek, UT:


The pack arrived at Greenglen and woke the entire house.

Riki reunited with his infant daughter, Autumn.

Silvara discovered that Jasper and Julie had been sleeping in the same bedroom (so he could protect her from the Deerstalker). She dissolved into a fit of jealousy.

Jasper furiously revealed that a Black Fury gallain had fallen victim to the Deerstalker earlier that evening.

John and Vito chewed Jasper out for his recklessness to the unbridled glee of the entire group (Jasper gets -3 temporary honor).

Vito decided to call the entire Garou Nation to a Grand Moot.

Alyssa, unconscious, started hemorrhaging. Bron and Bridget carried her inside the house. To help prolong Alyssa’s life, Bron used Mother’s Touch and Justin used Healing Sleep. Mrs. Delgatti told Bronn that Jasper had summoned Samuel Sunhawk for help.

Laura called Mr. King and told him about the impending arrival of Samuel Sunhawk at dawn. Mr. King advised her to bring the stolen objects and Alyssa to him.

Bron decided to wait at Gleenglen with Alyssa for Samuel Sunhawk.

Eddie got bars on his device (finally!) and searched the dark web for info on the Hand of Glory (8 successes). He accessed Pioneer University Library’s secure digital archives and stumbled across the translated spell for Witch’s Flying Ointment in the Necronomicon (+1 temporary wisdom to Eddie).

Eddie, Jasper, John, Justin, Laura, Raven, and Silvara packed into a black Escalade and drove to Salt Lake City to retrieve Mr. King’s stolen items from the bus station locker. Jasper and Silvara bickered the whole way.

In Salt Lake City, UT:


The players arrived at the Swiftbird Bus Station and parked across the street. They observed a young female traveler being lured away from the station by a creepy guy in a fedora and a black trench coat

Jasper reminded the group about the Rocky Mountain Kindred-Garou Accord.

Silvara got out of the Escalade, crossed the street, and confronted the creepy guy. He whispered “Go away” and she was compelled to awkwardly moonwalk back to the vehicle.

Eddie got out of the Escalade and cocked his gun.

Two more strange men emerged from the alley next to the bus station.

John got out of the Escalade and determined that the three “men” were leaches (Nosferatu). He intimidated them with his presence and they vanished into the shadows.

Justin got out of the Escalade and ran across the street. He entered the bus station, which was sparsely occupied by late-night travelers and the homeless. He used Shroud to fill the station with darkness.

Raven got out of the Escalade, ran across the street, and offered to call the young woman a taxi. The confused girl gratefully accepted her help. (Heroism XP point to everyone at the bus station.)

Justin sprinted to his bus locker and unlocked it. A golden nightingale was inside.

Thanks for the title, Mike!

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Phoenix Pharmaceuticals: Part Two
Werewolf session

At Phoenix Pharmaceuticals (continued)…


The whole basement is dimly lit with flickering lights and smells like Lysol and blood.

Charles looks peeks the first open office… into a double-barreled shot gun held by Ivorra Blucher, the ugliest woman in the world. (5’0" tall, black hair, pop eyes ala Marty Feldman.) Kevin sneaks past him and impales her with his silver klaive, twisting it brutally before Ivorra dies. Bron opens her office closet door to reveal an uber creepy shrine to Dr. Dipple complete with newspaper clippings and big framed photograph with red lipstick marks all over it.

Kevin goes inside research lab #1 and gets attacked by Bunnicula, who has chewed through the bars of the cage (complete with a blood-filled water bottle). Bron and Justin find a black and white mouse with green eyes in a silver cage. It’s Trash Can the Ratkin! Before letting him go, Justin admonishes him to remember that who set him free. They also set the other lab rats free. Justin tries to free a bunny, who cowers. So he takes the cage outside, and the bunny bails.

Charles breaks open Blucher’s filing cabinet and steals about 125 case files (neatly organized under Study B, Study C, and Study Z). (Each file is assigned a number, not a name. One of the numbers match Sara Noelle’s.)

On Dr. Dipple’s upper office desk, Kevin sees a book called “Entomopathogenic Fungi of North America” (Fungi pathogenic to insects) bookmarked on a chapter headed Cordyceps unilateralis. The book is marked by a nice brown leather bookmark embossed with a shield and two books.

Bron gets attacked with a bloody broom (which he wields as a weapon to fight chimps.)

Bron opens the door to the observation room. Inside are three nice leather office chairs facing a huge one-way mirror. From this room, the exam rooms can be viewed. Suddenly, the three chairs swivel simultaneously to revel three red-eyed zombie chips (the middle chimp has two heads). The chips attack the whole party, who are forced to hack the chimps to pieces. Kevin gets infected when a spec of gore lands in his eye.

Charles releases a very angry werebear by the name of John Martin (who is naked, partiality shaved, and covered with electrodes) and a polite mystery man. He stands, brushes the dust off his clothing, and disappears. (He is henceforth known as Mr. Zoom.)

The guys then crack open the door to the main research lab. They see six creatures “hibernating” in the shadows. They decide (wisely) not to go inside and to (not so wisely) to blow up the building. Bron breaks the natural gas valve on the incinerator and the room quickly fills with natural gas.

Justin rips out Dr. Dipple’s locked wall safe. He also breaks Dr. Dipple’s desk and finds set of keys labeled “cold storage” and a passport. Justin takes the keys and leaves the passport. In the cold storage cabinet, he finds a row of stoppered blue vials, a row of stoppered green vials, and a briefcase with three vials of a clear serum. Justin scoops them up.

The guys (except Charles) flee the building. Bron drags unconscious Jeff Bacon outside and heals his torn hamstring.

With Ivorra’s shot gun, Charles shoots the Jacob’s Ladder in the main lab (causing the “Frankies” to freak out and stumble/fail around and out of the room). He runs. Behind him is an explosion. Two of the “Frankies” are engulfed in flame. Charles runs out of the building, looks back, and notes that few traces of basement fire can be seen. He shoots a window and narrowly avoids being sucked into the resulting backdraft/explosion. A few minutes later, the main gas line blows.

Bron and Justin heal Kevin’s symptoms, but not his illness.

Justin gives his stuff to Kevin and disappears into the Umbra.

Kevin and Charles get into the car and have an interesting conversation.

Bron gets a text from Alyssa: “In Utah!”

Justin meets the ghost of his mother: “Hello, son.”

Phoenix Pharmaceuticals: Part One
Werewolf session

In Sugar Creek, Utah…


Charles, who is stalking Sierra, is in coyote form and on the run from the dog catcher.

He jumps nine fences into nine backyards to get to Sierra’s house (with the dogcatcher on his heels), variously landing on lawn, leaves, flowerbeds, a closed pool cover, rotting compost, a rake, and cacti. In one yard, he does tricks for an elderly lady who takes a series of pictures. Another yard is protected by an invisible barrier activated by motion sensors; Charles sets off an alarm and narrowly avoids getting shot by a crazy ex-Vietnam vet.

He lands in the Walker family pool. Sierra and Mr. Walker (outside grilling burgers) stare at him in amazement. He hops out of the pool and starts doing tricks. Mr. Walker calls for Mrs. Walker to bring him some dog treats. Much “Good doggie, good doggie,” and “Dad, can we keep him, can we keep him, please, please, PLEASE?” ensues.

The female dogcatcher catches up and attempts to loop Charles, despite his attempts to hide behind Sierra. Suddenly, Muffin (the family Old English Sheepdog) runs up and bites the dogcatcher hard on the rear.

Charles bolts across the yard and street, narrowly avoids getting hit by a car and a kid on a bicycle. (The kid gasps and falls off his bike.)


The guys meet up at Bron and Justin’s dorm to discuss what to do next. Jasper calls them, summoning them to a board meeting at LunaCorp. He also instructs them to invite Dougal, who isn’t answering his phone. The players stop by the Dead Goat Saloon (which is closed) where Dougal, Ian, and Bridget are arguing about how best to protect Bridget. Ian, the eldest brother, is clearly resentful of Dougal’s (accurate) assessment that Dougal (werewolf) can better protect Bridget than Ian (kinfolk) can.


After 15 agenda items, the players debrief the Glass Walkers and discuss their leads. Vito tells the players that they have connections with Phoenix Pharmaceuticals, and to leave the lab alone. Kevin locks eyes with Vito (who is distracted by a noise and looks away). Overconfident Kevin thinks he’s scored a minor dominance victory. The last agenda item is the mater of “Proposed transfer of J. Vaughn.” A red-eyed Julie begs Vito to let her transfer to Salt Lake City because Jasper’s over-protectiveness is driving her crazy and she needs to live a life of her own. An equally red-eyed Jasper begs Vito to deny Julie’s transfer so Jasper can keep her safe. Vito decides, since it’s not just kinfolk being killed, Jules would be safer out of Sugar Creek. He decides to let Jules transfer to either Bountiful or Provo. (Salt Lake, he decrees, is too dangerous.) Julie leaves, and Vito attempts to console a seething Jasper.

The guys take two separate cars to the Phoenix Pharmaceuticals Clinical Research Center on the southwest outskirts of Sugar Creek.


Upon arrival, Bron cuts the power and phone lines. The generator kicks on.

The guys bash through the back entrance.

Kevin hamstrings Jeff Bacon, an elderly, overweight night watchman.

Charles and Justin bash in the receptionist window. Charles steals Sara Noelle’s intake file.

Bron gets attacked by a mop when he opens a storage closet.

Bron breaks into security office and breaks security/monitoring equipment. He steals thirty days of security back-up data tapes.

In a conference room, Charles finds warm pizza, cold Tab, and an open laptop with doctor/patient gay porn pictures on it. Charles smears the laptop with pizza, breaks it, then steals it (to recover data off hard drive).

Bron uses his “unseal lock” gift on the metal stairwell door (armed with a swipe card and number pad). When Brandon uses his strength to knock it off its hinges, Bron sees a silver mist escape from the door and hears a faint voice whisper “Thank you.” The metal door slides down the stairs and blocks the basement doorway, and the players cautiously move it.



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