Cameron Roth

Private detective and newly appointed Scourge






He’s a private detective, old school attitude with modern adaptations. He’d prefer to go beat some punk for information, but knows that the real information these days is in computers but isn’t like hack level, but his undeath time is proving he’s got time to lean. He isn’t above getting his hands dirty to get information and really doesn’t care who gets hurt physically or emotionally as long as his daily rate is covered and he is paid at the end, one way or another.

He was hired to track down a scorned lover and turned out the person she was slutting around with was a bit more than he was prepared for. But his sire saw something dark and sleazy in the detective and ended up trailing him for a while before approaching and embracing him now he just thinks he looks like dark underside of the world he’s always dealt with.

He makes a habit out of picking random people and using their ‘faces’ to go about his business. Which has on more than one occasion turned out for the worst, but it’s been for the best enough times for him to keep trying it.

Cameron’s 1947 Lincoln Continental

Cameron Roth

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