Charlotte Dubois

French Debutant




Charlotte always had an easy life, her family was of prominent stature in French society, the Lord and Lady Dubois always saw to it that their daughter had the best of everything. Clothes and jewelry were always the latest fashions from Paris and London, and her etiquette was divine. They had spent a pretty penny on lessons for the harpsichord and singing lessons, but her gift was always writing the songs, not so much playing but she did what any up standing girl would do, shut up and accepted her gifts graciously.

It wasn’t until she became a young lady and had her debutante ball that she truly discovered her calling, as a member of the new Queen’s court, Marie Antoinette. She thrived among the elite and her ability to listen proved her a valuable asset not only as a confidant but also made her privy to things she most likely should not have heard. Despite her mother’s warnings she continued down her path of political intrigue, leading her further into the darkened underbelly of the courts. Beyond the parties and lavish spending, there were many dark secrets to uncover and she couldn’t help but want to find out more of the corruption that plagued the elite.

One late evening she found herself alone on her way to find her families carriage back to their chateau when from the shadows a devilishly handsome man she had seen only in passing at a few of the Queen’s gatherings offered to escort her. While leary of this strange man there was something alluring about his smile that brought her in, and… she always had a tendency to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong.

Gilles and her became quite close, very quickly, promiscuity in France was hardly a scandal at least among the upper crust, she traded secrets she’d learn with him so he could gain further access to elite and he gave her the world, but little did she know there was a reason his promises would turn out to be anything but empty…

Charlotte Dubois

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