David Shepherd

Malkavian Primogen, brilliant psychiatrist and neurosurgeon


Dr. David Shepherd appears to be a healthy specimen of Italian-American descent, male with long black hair and pale blue eyes, with a slight build and pale complexion. A pair of wire frame glasses perch on his nose, and his hair is tied back in a tight ponytail. Well groomed and dressed in professional medical attire, his immaculate white lab coat fastened securely over an old fashioned black-and-white suit.



Dr. David Shepherd has served as the Primogen of Clan Malkavian within the Domain of the Rocky Mountains for the last 10 years. He is outwardly calm and collected, and tends his disturbed flock with a manner both firm and supportive, inspiring his apprentices to rise above their curse while simultaneously restraining their ambitions and shenanigans, for the betterment of the Clan in particular and the Sect in general. Under his guidance, members of the Sect have a functioning social services structure, access to discreet medical facilities and mental health services, as well as a sufficient herd of willing – or dominated – inmates. In general, Clan Malkavian is a tolerated, perhaps even valued, asset to the Camarilla.


Those who have spent extended time around Dr. Shepherd often identify him as the archetypal mad scientist: a walking mass of complexes. He is arrogant and condescending, has absolutely no morals, and will go to any lengths to further his knowledge. But he is more than that, so much more. His purpose is to use position and rank to help others along their path to enlightenment, or to end their suffering, or both. Usually both.

Dr. Shepherd’s sigil is the Caduceus.

Dr. Shepherd owns a house in Pleasant Acres, a gated community in Sandy, Utah. He also has a warehouse somewhere in the American Midwest.

Dr. Shepherd leases a black 2008 BMW.

Mr. Belvedere (killed by Emily Valentine), Fran (his eldery secretary), Nuse Okay (“Oooo-kay!”), Content Not Found: grhay-number-three (killed by Karl Strauss), Viviana, Micah, and Peter.

“I learned long ago that an absurdly clinical demeanor can be extremely unsettling.”

Screaming at the pickled brain in his hands: “Do you SEE? Do you see what MIGHT HAVE BEEN? And now it WILL NEVER BE!”




David Shepherd

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