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Melody is a young Gangrel who lives on the outskirts of Salt Lake City. Embraced at age nineteen, she has long, wild honey blonde hair and blue eyes. A bit of a tomboy, Melody feels most comfortable wearing hoodies, jeans, and grubby sneakers. She smells of pine trees and snow.

Quiet and introspective, Melody generally prefers the company of animals to other Kindred. However, she dearly loves her sire Griffin (whom she thinks of as her “Vampire Dad”) and her consanguine brother Roman. She spends most of her time at Griffin’s secluded home in Mill Creek Canyon, roaming the nearby woods and singing to the forest animals. She has a pet elf owl named Bright Eyes.



Melody (born Natalie Melanie West) was born on 10 December 1981 in West Valley City, Utah. She lived with her lax Mormon family in a quiet, middle class neighborhood. Her father, Arthur, kept books for a mom-and-pop tire store. Her mother, Melody, was a homemaker who sometimes worked in retail part-time to help makes ends meet. Her little brother, Nathan, was four years her junior.

Shortly after her nineteenth birthday, on Christmas Eve, Melody went with her family to look at Christmas lights at Temple Square. After a wonderful evening of hot chocolate and carriage rides, Melody felt a terrible sense of foreboding. She told her mother, who in turn asked her husband to take a different route home (to avoid busy roads and drunk drivers).

Melody’s father made the mistake of turning onto a dark, winding canyon road; his visibility impaired by falling snow. A panicked deer (chased by an unnatural smelling wolf with glowing amber eyes) bolted in front of their car. Melody’s father struck it head on. He lost control of the vehicle, which spun and slammed into the side of a boulder. Melody, sans seatbelt, flew head first through the glass windshield, Then the car burst into flames, killing everyone inside.

Griffin found Melody’s mangled body in a snowbank. Guilt-stricken, he cast off his wolf form and Embraced her (just as he had Embraced Roman out of compassion seventy-five years ago). As punishment for breaking the Second Tradition for a second time, Prince Aurora ordered William Holladay to magically brand Griffin’s left hand with a large II. Though Griffin accepted his punishment gratefully, Melody froze in terror (thus botching her first presentation at court).

Griffin proved himself to be a very loving and protective sire. However, he didn’t do Melody any favors by allowing her to skip court on a regular basis. Melody has a poor understanding of Kindred culture and is often treated like the naive she child is.

The night before Griffin left to fight in the Arizona War, he kissed Melody on the forehead and released her. He knew she wasn’t ready yet, but he did not want her to fall into the hands of another Kindred should he fail to return. Upon her release, Melody took her mother’ first name as her own.

Melody is worried sick for her sire and blood brother. She deeply resents Prince Aurora for calling a Blood Hunt on Roman, and is not looking forward to staying at Goldenrose while Griffin is away.

Credit: Melody was created by Sarah and revived by Felicia.


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