Nosfertu Primogen of the Rocky Mountains



To love or have loved, that is enough.
Ask nothing further.
There is no other pearl to be found
In the dark folds of life.
- Victor Hugo, “Les Miserables”

Her love is the only grace I shall ever know.
The things I have done are beyond forgiveness.
- From the journal of Nicholas Robinson


Cock Robin is the Nosferatu Primogen of the Rocky Mountains and Prince Aurora’s adoptive sire and protector. His Christian name is Nicholas Robinson, although few Kindred call ever him that.

Envied by other Nosferatu for his Rugged Bad Looks, Cock Robin can pass for human in low lighting by wearing cosmetics (to disguise his ghastly greenish-gray skin and the black shadows under his blue eyes) and a fedora (to hide his bald, blue veined head and large pointed ears)… if he takes care not to let his long, sharp incisors show. Cunning, sarcastic, and theatrical, Cock Robin enjoys smoking fine cigars and splitting skulls in equal measure. He has a network of spies and saboteurs at his disposal and would commit any depraved act imaginable to keep Prince Aurora safe.

Nicholas is a Scorpio. His sigil is a dead robin with an arrow in its breast.



Cock Robin is a veteran of the Revolt of the Roses and the Rocky Mountain War. He suffers from infertile vitae; he cannot Embrace.



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