Norton Wellick

Middle-age hippie real estate agent


Norton_Wellick.jpgNorton Wellick

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Norton grew up in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland, CA. His father abandoned his mother when he was barely a year old. His mother, Phyllis, was a garou and a member of the Children of Gaia tribe. She was a caring soul and raised her son to see the bright side of life. Norton was so close to his mother that the other kids called him a “mama’s boy.” During the Merriewood Massacre of ’74 Phyllis and several others of her tribe were butchered by minions of the Wyrm. He was then taken under by his mother’s colleagues who worked in children’s placement services.

Norton grew up with an idealized vision of life and was often easily influenced by people looking to take advantage of a “sucker.” He dropped out of community college because he felt he was going to be rich by getting involved in a pyramid scheme. After losing all of his savings and maxing out his credit cards, he became desperate and found work as a customer service representative at a call center.

Norton met Tina at Pole Position Gentlemen’s Club when he was 28 after several years of miserable, unrewarding work at the call center. They started a relationship which quickly escalated to marriage along with a newborn, their son Ralph. Being a dancer, Tina was often surrounded by alcoholics and drug abusers. Her casual use of methamphetamines eventually became an addiction. After 3 years of a rocky marriage and after the birth of their daughter Brianna, Tina left him.

Norton maintained close contact with the Children of Gaia tribe that his mother belonged to. In addition to that, he found a new pack that he would go out on hunts with. His children are unaware that he is garou. After raising them mostly on his own, Norton, now a real estate agent, struggled to make something of himself in life. He still maintains a rosy outlook that his mother instilled in him, and after making several costly mistakes, has learned many valuable lessons.

Norton Wellick

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