Melodramatic recluse


Theatrical and flamboyant, Oberon is a tall, lanky man with wild dark hair, big expressive green eyes, and a haunted countenance. His enchanting voice and penchant for dramatic gestures enhance his outstanding showmanship. He dresses in vintage silks and velvets and wears rings on every finger. Exceedingly fond of dressing robes, he can go decades without putting on a pair of pants.

Oberon is unfailingly polite, articulate, and melodramatic. He suffers from violent mood swings and bipolar disorder, alternating between hypomania and severe depression at lightening speed. His skill at manipulating emotions makes him a superb performer and a fearsome enemy.



A classically trained Shakespearean actor in life, Oberon immigrated from London to New York City in 1785 (at age 30) with his theatre troop. After his Embrace in 1767, he started the Willow Street Theatre in Manhattan.

In rapid sucession, he sired three childer: Antony, a handsome, boisterous actor; Caliban, a deformed but talented stage hand; and Ophelia, an actress so genuinely kind and sweet that everyone who met her adored her. Oberon thought of Ophelia as daughter and loved her deeply.

Shortly after Embracing Ophelia in 1789, Oberon sold his small theatre on Willow Street and moved to Boston, where he built a grander playhouse. Around this time, Antony and Caliban migrated to Europe in search of adventure, whereas Ophelia chose to stay close to her sire, assisting him in his artistic endeavors.

In 1893, Oberon relocated to Denver, Colorado by invitation of Prince Edward Williams. Oberon opened the Egyptian Theatre, one of the city’s most popular racks. However, his happiness did not survive the Rocky Mountain War: he lost both his precious theatre and his favorite childe.

Utterly devastated, Oberon gave up stage production forever. He purchased a crumbling Victorian hotel, restored it, and withdrew from court life. He rarely emerges from his refuge, the Hotel Titania, but he still knows how to throw one hell of a party.

Egyptian Theatre



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