Vincent Van Buren

Prince Consort of the Rocky Mountains



Love is not afraid.
- Lacuna Coil, “Humane”


Amorous and romantic, Vincent Van Buren is a Ventrue neonate from Chicago. He came to the Rocky Mountains to escape his sire Orion’s dangerous ambitions. He worked as a public defender, with an eye towards becoming a Night Court judge. His first nights in the Domain were a blur of pro bono work and beautiful women. He soon found himself drawn to the eternally youthful Prince Aurora. When Roman Montague broke Aurora’s heart, Vincent stepped forward to comfort her. Vincent’s compassion, not his pretty face, won the Prince over. Now, he works exclusively as Aurora’s private attorney and shares her chambers at Goldenrose. Their whirlwind romance is the worst kept secret in the Domain. Courtiers whisper that Aurora has rejected the hand of Prince Alejandro of California, a powerful ally, to secretly take Vincent as her Consort. If this rumor is true, the Domain is in grave danger.

Prince Consort of the Rocky Mountains



Rocky Mountains (Utah, Idaho, and Colorado)

Salt Lake City

Princess Vincent (derisive), The Ventrueador (derisive)


Vincent’s placid demeanor masks a strong rebellious streak. Many Kindred think of the young Ventrue as a bleeding heart, for Vincent’s Humanity exceeds that of most mortals. Nothing angers him more than injustice and cruelty.


Words fail to describe the perfection of Vincent’s beauty. His appearance easily rivals that of any Toreador. He is rather tall with a slim build. Light brown hair frames his oval-shaped face, and his long-lashed eyes are brown and warm. He has immaculate hands with long, slender fingers.

Aurora commissioned a wardrobe for her new consort with jewel-toned velvet jackets and silk waistcoats, embroidered in gold and gold and bedazzeled with tiny gems. She also presented him with a platinum band channel set with round diamonds on the night of their commitment ceremony. He has yet to wear the ring in public due the secret nature of their relationship.


Vincent’s sigil is a golden rose wrapped around the center of a balance scale. The rose in symbolizes Aurora and his love for her, and the scale represents his pursuit of justice.


Vincent speaks English and knows Latin legal terms.

Vincent is Prince Aurora’s paramour and Prince Consort.  He genuinely loves her and would do anything to support her Praxis.  He intensely distrusts Cock Robin, Aurora’s (obviously adoptive) sire.

Vincent’s parents are deceased, victims of a carjacking.

Vincent has a complicated relationship with his sire, Orion, the Primogen of Chicago.  Naturally, Orion expected to use his childe as ally to further his own political ambitions, but Vincent left Chicago immediately upon his Release.

After considering Vincent a profound disappointment for many years, Orion expressed cautious approval when Vincent finally “stepped up” to win the office of the Prince Consort.  Orion’s informants tell him that Prince Aurora’s previous consort acted as her de facto senchenal.  Orion intends to use this powerful new alliance between Chicago and the Rocky Mountains to his advantage. 

Vincent’s grandsire is Robert Grant, Prince of Chicago.  Their relationship is formal and distant, at best.

Vincent hunts by seducing beautiful mortal women.  One of his many former lovers is Jessica Forrester, a college dropout from Idaho.  Vincent took her virginity and saved her life.  She has never forgotten him. 

Blood Bonds:
Vincent resides with Aurora at Goldenrose. He has yet to clean out his bachelor apartment in Bountiful.

Although Aurora and Vincent enjoy exchanging blood, they are not bound to each other.  Aurora’s bond to Nicholas is too powerful for Vincent to overcome, and Vincent himself is unbondable. 

Orion’s attempts to bind Vincent have obviously failed, but Orion doesn’t understand why.

David Shepherd injected Jessicia with Vincent’s blood, resulting in a powerful partial blood bond.  

Vincent resides with Aurora at Goldenrose.  He has yet to clean out his bachelor apartment in Bountiful. 

Vincent has mastered Presence.


“I was born on October 15th, 1970. Embraced October 31th, 2000. I’ve always looked young for my age so most people place me no more than 25 years of age.

“As a kid I was always popular and had many friends. Even though I wasn’t big into playing sports I was called on a lot to officiate. I had a reputation for being fair and not playing favorites, a trait I learned from my parents. My hometown was Chicago where I got my law degree. My parents were the victims of a carjacking years ago and I’ve since relocated to Salt Lake City. People ask how I can be a public defender for the types that killed my parents, I just tell them being fair and just is the best way for me to honor their memory.

“I never believed in the occult prior to my Embrace but now all bets are off. Anything is possible. I’ve even become friends with a lycan. My sire caught me at a Halloween party thrown by the Chicago law firm I worked for, for our more prestigious clients. Orion was our number one client in the city and other firms envied us to no end because of that. He said he wanted to talk to me about a position in his company. I was intrigued and met him privately to learn more. He said he wanted to offer me a job because he’d been watching my career and was very impressed with me. He was so well spoken and his offer so enticing I couldn’t refuse. When I accepted, before I could blink, he was Embracing me which scared the hell out of me. I had no idea what the hell he was doing. Afterwards he explained the finer details and has always been supportive. Being undead has its drawbacks, but I’ve learned to use my new abilities to uncover the truth no matter where it’s hiding.

“I’ve learned that my sire is a Primogen, very well respected in vampire society. He’s got big plans for me to be some sort of leader. I know he means well, but I’m happy just doing what I’m doing now. My sire took me to meet the Prince of Chicago, some sort of protocol. That’s when I found out the Prince of Chicago was my grandsire. And he seemed uneasy with Orion and me. Needless to say, I’ve not been back to court in Chicago since, and it’s another reason why I moved to Salt Lake City. I worked the night court sessions as a Public Defender and spent my days in a secure access apartment building. I’m still pretending to be alive but it gets hard and harder every year.

“I only feed upon women and meet most of them at Dracula’s Daughter. There’s plenty to go around so there’s not really any competition, although I’ve never had any trouble anyway. The women just come to me. I’ve never killed when I feed and don’t ever plan to.”


To Aurora: "Aurora, listen to me. The world isn’t all moonbeams and unicorns. It’s a dark, cruel and unforgiving place. It doesn’t matter how powerful you are. Despair will force you to your knees and overwhelm you if you let it. You, me, nobody can strike as hard as the world. But it isn’t about how hard you strike. It’s about how hard you can be struck and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. Because that’s how you win. I love you. I respect you. But you’ve got to get a grip. Unless you let go of the past and start believing in yourself, your domain will be ripped apart by chaos. You’re the Prince. You must go to court tonight and rule. And your rule must be absolute. For all our sakes.”

To Stefan: “You, sir, would do well to remember where you are.”


Vincent Van Buren

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