Vincenzo Sorrentino

Civil rights lawyer trust fund kid



Height: 5’9" (homid)

Weight: 200 pounds (homid)

Hair: Short, well kept, black

Pure Breed: 2

Age: 28

Wolf form: a stocky black wolf with gray accents and a white flash at the throat that looks like a lightning bolt.

Quote: “Eugenics is SO 20th century.”

Dress: Upper crust casual- he tends to wear blue jeans and Tee shirts, but upon closer examination they are all very expensive- hemp tees, overpriced skinny jeans, custom hiking boots etc. In chilly weather he wears his Harvard sweatshirt.

Demeanor His demeanor tends to be friendly- he is quick to smile or listen to people, and is very open, things not associated with Shadow Lords normally. He appears comfortable in most social situations, and is very good at casual conversation. He is a social drinker, but does not smoke. He is pro-cannabis, especially when among Garou.


Born to an East Coast Shadow Lord Alpha and a now-Glass Walker kin, Vinnie is a bit unconventional for his tribe. He made his first shift later than most. It was assumed he was a kinfolk for most of his youth so was given much more leeway in what he did and who he associated with, even being allowed to spend summers in Utah with his biological mother, a tribe of Glass Walkers and their kin. It was there he learned to question the status quo, a disdain for tradition, and a healthy disrespect for unearned authority. He attended Harvard as a poly-sci major in undergrad, and went on to Law School. His role was to be a corporate lawyer working for the Sorrentinos. His interest was civil law, but he kept that as a secret for most of his time at Harvard. This changed on his 21st birthday when, during his drunken outing with a few buddies, he underwent The First Change. He still can’t drink J├Ągermeister.

Being in both worlds he became interested in civil rights, in the mortal world and in the Garou world. He made a few bold statements about the rights of Kinfolk before his change, but was roundly rebuffed. Once his Change occurred, he took up the cause again, and made his Shadow Lord Garou rethink the way the Queensport cairn treats their Kinfolk. This case was reason to elevate him in rank, and has resulted in much happier and efficient Kinfolk in his home cairn.

He is not terribly well liked by his fellow Shadow Lords, but his abilities and capacity to think outside the box is recognized and respected. In the Boston area he recently served as a go between in a turf war between the Shadow Lords and a local offshoot of Wendigo (descended from the indigenous Wampanoag tribe) and came to a reasonable and acceptable treaty for the both of them. As a reward, the Wendigo elder gifted him with a powerful fetish. This gave him his next elevation in rank.

His current interest in the Garou world is to see that the other Fera are no longer hunted and are given a way of becoming a part of Garou culture. His methods are frowned on by most Shadow Lords as too ’weak", but still he continues on.

In order to shore up family relations, he has been sent to Utah to court and eventually marry a Glass Walker kin, a woman he’s known most of his life. His father hopes to use this political marriage to his advantage. Vinnie is just glad to be able to hang out with old friends again, but has no real interest in the union.

Vincenzo Sorrentino

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