Homebrew Combination Disciplines


Grasping Shadows

(Obtenebration •• Potence •••)

By combining Potence and Shadowplay, the vampire may animate ambient shadows capable not only of simple touch, but powerful grip strength. Grasping Shadows may touch, lift, carry, and/or throw any object weighing up to 250 lbs. Not limited to inanimate objects, the vampire may caress a lover’s cheek from across the room or strangle an enemy with his own shadow. To the uninitiated, this power can be extremely frightening to watch and is commonly mistaken for poltergeist activity.

System: The power costs one blood point to activate, but lasts for one scene and requires no active concentration. Once activated, the vampire may roll his own physical stats to use an animated shadow to perform any touch or grasp action with a + 1 difficulty. If used in combat, the vampire may punch, grapple or even throw objects using the animated shadow, but such acts cost one additional blood point per act and incur an additional +1 difficulty to the roll (for a total of +2).

A botch deactivates the power for the rest of the scene and stains the vampire’s hands with eerie dark blotches until the following moonrise.

Observers/victims may need to make a Courage roll (Storyteller’s discretion).

Homebrew Combination Disciplines

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