Character Smells

Amarantha: Apples and almonds

Amber Rose: Damask roses with intermittent emissions of rotten eggs

Amelia Meyer: Pears

Angelique: White Shoulders perfume

Arabella Rose: Damask roses

Ashan: Kyphi incense

Aurora Sophia Smith: Pomegranates and roses

Avery Rose James: Lily of the Valley

Bobby Han: Leather and gunpowder

Cameron Roth: Dry decay

“Dapper Dan”: Laundry detergent

David Shepherd: Hand sanitizer

Emily Valentine: Chocolate and coffee

Ender: Mint

Griffin: Cinnamon

Kaitlyn O’Donovan: Wildflowers and freshly cut grass

Karl Strauss: Anise

Melody West: Pine trees and snow

Roman: Dark rum

Sam: Flint

Vincent Van Buren: Sweet tea

Violet: Violets (naturally)

William Holiday: Honey

Character Smells

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